The Wealth Maximization Method

Use A PROVEN Method That WORKS

We developed The Wealth Maximization Method to extract the maximum benefits from a client’s assets in retirement with an eye toward leveraging the tax free value of their estate to their heirs with more certainty and more peace of mind. 

What you can expect to find within the Wealth Maximization University

1 . How to market to the affluent client

  1. Sample Dinner Invite
  2. Name & Contact Information for National Marketing Firm we use to conduct all direct mail (this firm conducts all demographic analysis around the dinner venue you choose based on prospect’s liquid net worth, has calling center to book all dinner reservations, and provides daily updates on reservations received)
  3. Name & Contact Information on Affiliated Marketing firm we use for generating leads from social media sites
  4. Helpful “hints”on hosting your dinner events

2 . How to prepare for your Wealth Max Dinner Series

  1. Broker copy of John Davenport’s first book entitled
    “The Wealth Maximization Method”” complete with
    appendix that projects expected gross production based
    on below average results, average results, and above
    average results on your dinner series.  Book contains a detailed description of every Wealth Maximization strategy.
  2. Copy of dinner presentation video & script on “How To
    Use Your IRA and Qualified Plan Assets More Effectively
    For You & Your Heirs””
  3. Copy of IRA Maximization strategy training video/presentation along with corresponding script
  4. Example of event portal for tracking dinner reservations

3. How to deliver the right message to the right audience

  1. Tips on presenting to a “cold audience”
  2. Copy of “Response Sheet” for prospects to complete and return at the dinner.  This indicates whether the prospect wants to make an appointment for a complimentary “Workshop” with you
  3. Copy of “Appointment Booklet” confirming the prospect’s appointment for their complimentary “Workshop” with you, along with the “Asset Breakdown”” form to be completed and returned by prospect prior to their scheduled “Workshop”(virtual or in office)
  4. Copy of Workshop confirmation letter

4. How to conduct a successful "Workshop" meeting

  1. Copy of Workshop training video
  2. Tips for conducting a successful “Workshop”
  3. Copy of Workshop template
  4. Copy of “Asset Breakdown” sheet
  5. Copy of “Information Exchange” booklet for gathering information on your client in order to prepare the client’s “Wealth Maximization Blueprint” (This is used once the client agrees to become a client)
  6. Copy of letter to new client asking them to complete and return “Information Exchange Booklet”

5. How to conduct your first Wealth Planning meeting

  1. Copy of formal “Client Asset Breakdown” sheet
  2. Copy of “Client Agenda”
  3. Copy of “Cash Flow & Tax Analysis” using the leading tax software in the United States. The name of the software and contact information provided.
  4. Copy of “Wealth Maximization Blueprint””
  5. Copy of “Projected Retirement Income Analysis”

6. How to conduct your second Wealth Planning meeting

  1. Copy of “Client Agenda”
  2. Refer to your training video on “IRA Maximization” strategy
  3. List of recommended IRA funding options and which ones work best in different situations
  4. Discussing the concept of the Roth like investment for the client’s heirs called the “IRA Trust” or “Wealth Trust””
  5. Copies of proven “tools” for helping clients become comfortable and implementing the IRA Maximization strategy
  6. Copy of WealthMax Tools video

7. How to conduct additional Wealth Planning meetings

  1. Copy of training video on “Preferred Income Plan strategy” or “PIP” 
  2. Copy of training video & script on “Charitable Remainder Trust” strategy or CRT
  3. Understanding the “Risk Free Investing For Your Heirs” strategy
  4. Understanding why the “Wealth Trust” funded with joint life insurance is recognized as the best wealth transfer investment in the United States

8. Conducting the "Client Confidence Clarifier" meeting

  1. Copy of the “Confidence Clarifier”
  2. Conduct “Confidence Clarifier” meeting over lunch at a local venue of your choice
  3. Schedule client’s first quarterly review meeting

9. How to market your brand

  1. Copy of 1-minute and 30-second commercials. Name and contact information of my publicist who
    can help you develop and air your own commercial
  2. Copy of my “Wealth Maximization TV Show.” My publicist can show you how you can attract millions of assets without any action on your part

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Five Major Asset Types & Their Usage Strategies

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CRT Strategy

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Preferred Income Plan Strategy

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Preferred Income Plan Strategy

Real Estate Equity

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